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Lost Heroes 2


The Lost Heroes series is about super heroes, but these ones are not cosmic beings.  Rather the series features a number of heroes who were born with or develop gifts and talents similar to ones that people have actually exhibited over history.  Only Teriel, a.k.a. Osprey, has something more unusual.


The romance side of the Lost Heroes series is here in the Lost Heroes 2 set.  The first entwined companion tales are Lost Heroes 2:  Osprey's Tale and Lost Heroes 2:  Firefly's Tale.  Each is told from a single character's point-of-view.  In this first pair, we see Teriel Osmond, also known as Osprey-the boy who had wings, dealing with the aftermath of having been shot and losing his natural wings for a set of prosthetic ones.  Although he no longer wishes he were dead, he hasn't found a reason to really live again when Amelia comes back into his life.

Amelia Storm fled her friends, her life, and her family when a super hero reality show went desperately and dangerously awry.  Having had too many bad experiences with trying to get people to be comfortable with her ability to glow, she's hidden her powers away and drowned herself in her songs as she toured Europe.  But fear and playing it safe hasn't lead to either stardom or happiness and when the chance to return to the U.S. comes, she takes it, and she also looks up the one man she always loved but never had the courage to pursue.  But the odds of him settling down with a singer who has to be on the road are slim.  But Amelia would rather dare to chase all of her dreams than to sit back and let life pass her by any longer.  But is she really prepared to pay the price of losing either the man she has always wanted or the career she built up from scratch?

He burst from the cloud cover over the brilliant lights of New York, and still he didn't pull out.  Amelia was right; they did kind of beckon.  He could just keep going.  He had no fear and it would all be over so fast he knew it wouldn't even hurt.  He would be beyond all fear and worry and pain, forever.  The day had been pretty wonderful; he could be like a samurai on a perfect day, committing seppuku like they had in a book he had once read.  But Amelia wouldn't understand.  He might be ashamed of his past, but a warrior didn't go down without a fight whether that fight came from within or without.

Lost Heroes 2:  Osprey's Tale


But there would be no running for her.  Amelia's shoes were not meant for running, neither was her evening dress.  Suddenly her back felt very, very vulnerable.  She had to think fast as to how to save herself, but people were running frantically away and she had very few options to avoid becoming a venom-loaded pincusion.

Lost Heroes 2:  Firefly's Tale

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